HN (Hacker News) Glance

March 2023

HN Glance is a website that summarizes the /best articles on news.ycombinator.com. It uses a react.js frontend and python (flask) backend. Summaries are generated via the OpenAI ChatGPT API. The project was developed entirely through prompts with ChatGPT(4).

SF History Guesser

Febuary 2023

A game inspired by goeguessr, that let's users guess the location of random photos from sfopenhistory (an archive of geotagged historical San Francisco photos). It uses a react.js frontend and is statically hosted. The project was developed largely through prompts with ChatGPT(3.5) though heavy googling was required.

Wordle Pick

January 2023

react.js wordle clone that let's you generate games with your own word (to share) or with a random word for fun. The project was developed entirely through prompts with ChatGPT (3.5).

Daily Cals

March 2022 - Present

An iOS App to encourage building a habit of getting daily exercise (cals).

Senior Platform Engineer at Skip Scooters

January 2019 - Present

Working on Scooter firmware and associated software.

San Francisco Budget Explorer


A website to explore how San Francisco Spends Money.

  • Tech: Python parsing, D3.js
  • Accessible here.

Software Engineer at Essential

November 2017 - October 2018

  • Lead Firmware for Home Accessories
    • Developed FreeRTOS based app and diag application
    • Wrote sensor, wireless, and hardware interface libraries
    • Designed and implemented ultrasonic sensor algorithms \& filtering
    • Brought up and developed the signal processing algorithms for 24GHz Radar based Human presence detection
    • Worked with chip vendors through SOW/MSA to develop custom chip firmware
    • CM bring-up and test station bringup
  • Hardware
    • Responsible for part selection and block diagrams
    • Schematics and layout reviews
    • Prototyping product hardware
    • CM Selection and bring-up
  • Product Management
    • Worked to create a home accessory road map
    • Worked through multiple design iterations with ID
    • Worked with a third party contractor to get through a POC electrical (schematics/layout) and PD (mechanical) design.

Founder and Software Engineer at Arete Labs (Acquired)

August 2016 - November 2017

  • Firmware
    • Developed FreeRTOS based app and diag application
    • Wrote sensor, wireless, service connection and hardware interface libraries
    • Designed and implemented sensor fusion & filtering
    • WiFi Soft AP based pairing
  • Service
    • Firebase based service with functions deployed for various features. Examples include home state set based on phone location state changes.
    • Integration with Amazon Alexa
    • Push notifications
  • App
    • Developed and Designed a feature complete iOS app developed in Swift.
    • Device/Service in app pairing/provisioning
    • Push notifications

Matchup Tennis


A Tennis website for meeting equal level players in your area.

  • Tech: Flask, Google App Engine, Cloud Data Store, React, Bootstrap

React Native Time Chooser


I wasn't happy with the design of any of the react native time chooser components, so I created one that feels like the latest android time picker but with hours and seconds on the same page.

  • Completely customizable colors, sizing, ect.

Patient Controlled Epidural Analgesia Monitor


Worked with the Stanford Medical School Anesthesiology Department to develop a product to help doctors track pain levels and the regularity of pain medication requests

  • Co-designed the hardware to have a potentiometer based pain level meter and a pressure sensitive resistor to catch button presses
  • Developed a FreeRTOS based firmware to push button presses and pain level changes to Firebase
  • Developed an iOS app (Swift) to plot current pain levels and pain medication requests
  • Created a simple service that would send push notification to doctors upon pain levels reaching a customizable level and an abnormal number of medication requests

Nest Hardware/Software Engineer

May 2013 - August 2016

  • Lead RF for an Nest Security, including integration of LTE, WCDMA, GSM, WiFi 5Ghz & 2.4GHz, BLE, Thread (802.15.4).
  • Created Nest's first RF test automation systems (ATS). This evolved into the creation of a Nest test framework used throughout all factory test stations.
  • Interviewed all new team members for RF Hardware design group and the Factory Software Team.
  • Support numerous projects in development, debugging RF circuits and modules, interacting directly with CMs, embedded platform and communication software teams.
  • Built an internal website to host and plot RF validation data. (Python, Flask, GAE) Trained fellow RF team members to contribute to/expand the site.
  • Tested and influenced the RF Protocol to propagate an alarm through a mesh 15.4 network.
  • Experience with UL, FCC, ETSI, BT Sig Certification Testing.

UC Berkeley EECS

Bachelors of Science, May 2014

Computer Science Coursework

  • Operating Systems and System Programming (CS162)
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (CS188)
  • Computer Security (CS161)
  • Efficient Algorithms and Intractable Problems (CS170)
  • Discrete Mathematics and Probability Theory (CS70)
  • Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (CS61a)
  • Machine Structures (CS61c)
  • Introduction to Communication Networks (EE122)

Electrical Engineering Coursework

  • Signals and Systems (EE20)
  • Circuits (EE40)


Completed May 2014

  • An iOS application for live sharing of user sentiment/confidence in a topic over time. Built for teachers to guage students confidence in the course material over time to tell which topics need more time.
  • App was writen in Objective C using Core Plot for sentiment visualization over time.
  • Server Backend was built with Facebook Parse.
  • Open sourced at github.

EECS Sheets


  • Created a set of LaTeX note sheets to aid students in learning and studying for a set of CS Classes at Berkeley.
  • Check it out here: here.

Crowdsourcing Visualized

Completed May 2014

  • Scraped multiple crowdsourcing websites to visualize the distribution of funding between product categories.
  • Built with D3.js.
  • Live at here.


May 2013

  • An Android application to give real time bus arrival predictions using a card interface.
  • Utilized the Next Bus API for the location of local public transit.

nReduce - online free startup incubator

nReduce was a online startup incubator, that unlike YCombinator, any company could join. It hosted weekly project checkins and allowed members of the startup community world wide give feedback and advice to each other.

July 2012 - August 2012

  • I built a database of investor and press contacts focused toward a series of demo days, which was covered by a number of journalists, Pandodaily and VentureBeat